My Bulletin Board

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how I arrange my bulletin board!  I purchased my bulletin board from Ikea for around $8 and love to frequently personalize it in different ways! This is how it is arranged currently, but I have had various different ways of organizing it in the past. My Bulletin Board 5

I began by threading cloths pins through twine. These colored ones I found at Target for one dollar. I made a small knot on each one to prevent them from sliding together. My Bulletin Board 2 I then took the twine with the cloths pins and tied a knot on each side to a push pin in order to hang it up. My Bulletin Board 3  My Bulletin Board 1 Next, I gathered the things I wanted to hang up! I used Polaroid pictures, ticket stubs and reminders. My Bulletin Board 4 This is how it turned out after hanging the up! My Bulletin Board 5 Do you have a bulletin board? How do you decorate it? Leave a comment bellow!

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