Floral Nail Art!

Floral Nail Art (4)

Hello everyone! Today I have another nail tutorial for spring. Floral nail art is a fun design that it perfect for this time of the year! This is an intermediate design.

Orly Nail Polish: Gumdrop

Begin by painting yor nails a solid color. For this design, I chose blue.

Then add the flowers! I made my flowers by adding five white dots in a circle, then adding another white dot in the middle to close the shape. Next, I added a smaller pink dot for the center of the flower. To make the flowers I used a dotting tool; however, there are other household items you can use instead. My favorite alternate method is a bobby pin.

Once you added your floral design to your nails, seal in with a top coat! I decided to add the floral design to all of my nails. For a simper and easier design, you can add the floral design to only your ring fingers as an accent nail.

Floral Nail Art (3)

Colors used:

Blue Base: Orly Gumpdrop

White Petals: Wet n Wild French White Crème

Pink Center: Wet n Wild Lavender Crème

Top Coat: Revlon Colorstay Gel-Shine Top Coat (This is my favorite!)
How did you recreate this floral design? Let me know in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Floral Nail Art!

  1. This is SO cute!!! You’re really talented! πŸ˜€ Have you ever thought of drawing designs on paper or in a program like Photoshop then adding them to nail wraps? You could offer your designs to your readers to have at home!

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