Easy Valentine’s Gifts


Happy Valentine’s Day! Today I am showing you an easy DIY to make for friends and family! They do not take very long to make, so they are perfect for a last minute gift!


First, make tags.  I did this by cutting out some heart paper that I had left over from my DIY Valentine’s Day Banner (link to this DIY below) into 2 inch by 3 inch rectangles. Then, cut out some smaller white pieces of paper to glue on top to write a message!


Next, punch a hole in the top left corner.


Thread through a Valentine’s Day ribbon, and your tag is complete!


For my friends, I purchased the classic conversation hearts and Frozen gummies (because we can’t ‘let it go’) but any candy or treat that you would like to add works! You could even make some homemade baked goods!


Now all that is left to do is but your treats in a plastic gift bag and tie the ribbon with the tag in a bow! This Valentine is really easy, and the finished product looks festive for Valentine’s Day!

How did you make your Valentines? Leave a comment below!

Here is the link for the Valentine’s Day Banner! https://myohdiy.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/diy-banner-with-a-template/

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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