DIY Banner (With a template!)

DIY Banners- completed!

Hello again!

Now that Christmas over and all of the decorations are put away, I decided to decorate for Valentine’s day!

I love decorating for the holidays, so today I made a DIY Valentine’s Day Banner! Although made my banner for Valentine’s Day, you can use any colors at any time of the year. Keep the Banner Template handy for more DIYs!

For these DIY banners, you will need:

DIY Banners- Supplies

DIY Banners-Folded

Begin by using your Banner Template to cut out as many flags as you would like for your banner. I recommend printing the template on card stock because it makes it easier to trace.

DIY Bannenrs-Heart Traced

I decided to add a heart to my banner. You can free hand it if you would like, but I added a picture of a heart to your template that makes it easier to use!

DIY Banners- Folded (2)

Fold back on the “fold here” line on the template.

DIY Banners-with string

Place string where it is folded.

DIY Banners- Glued down

Glue or tape down the flap.

DIY Banners- completed!

Repeat for as many flags as you would like!

I decided to hang mine on my door, but you can put it anywhere you would like! This DIY banner is really easy to create and is very festive wherever you decide to put it!

How did you make your DIY banner? Leave a comment below!

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